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State of São Paulo - Brazil (GEOID-SP)

  Authors: G.N. Guimarães, et al.     Created: 2014    Resp: G.N. Guimarães  
      Status: PUBLIC    

The GEOID-SP models of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, have been computed on a 5'x5' grid by the remove-restore technique using two different methodologies: the modified Stokes integral used FFT through spheroidal Molodenskii-Meissl kernel modification and the Least Squares Collocation (LSC). The models are based on the same dataset of free-air gravity anomalies. The reference geopotential model is GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R5 up to degree and order 200 for the FFT methodology, while GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R3 for LSC. The SAM3s_v2 DTM has been used for the computation of terrain correction and other topographic and atmospheric effects. The mean free-air gravity anomaly (FA) in a 5' grid over continent has been derived from the complete Bouguer Anomalies (FA over the ocean obtained from satellite gravity model DTU10). The computed points are in a grid of 5'x5' covering the area from 17.0417000° S to 27.9583667° S in latitude, and from 55.9583000° W to 42.0416333° W in longitud. Geoidal heights are referred to WGS84. Data are stored in ASCII format, first column is longitud, second column is latitude, third column is geoid undulation.

G.N. GuimarĂ£es, D. Blitzkow, R. Barzaghi, A.C.O.C. Matos (2014). The Computation of the Geoid Model in the State of Sao Paulo Using Two Methodologies and GOCE Models. Boletim de Ciencias Geodesicas (Online), vol. 20, pp. 183-203. DOI: 10.1590/s1982-21702014000100012

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