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CoverNewton's Bulletin

Editors-in-chief: Jean-Pierre Barriot and Fernando Sansò

The effort made in creating the new unified International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) and the long period of good cooperation between BGI and IGeS, brought to the unification of IGeS Bulletin and BGI Bulletin in one publication: the new "Newton’s Bulletin", the first number being issued in December 2003.

Following the policy of IGeS Bulletin, the Newton’s Bulletin contains papers on geoid and gravity field researches and estimation methods also of technical and applied kind.

Newton's Bulletin is composed of two parts, a first one containing reviewed papers and a second one containing information on internal life of the centres, about international events or on new datasets.

The Newton's Bulletin is first published online and built as soon as the material passes the review, the printed issue is published once all accepted papers have been collected.

In addition, a certain number of CDs are published and distributed on the basis of a request covering the expedition expenses. A certain number of paper journals are produced on demand, for libraries and agencies, or individual scientists.

The Editorial Board takes care of unifying and homogenizing the material, that can be sent both at BGI or at ISG centre.

The Newton's Bulletin in electronic form is readable and downloadable also form the BGI publications page.