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Belgium (hBG03)

  Authors: H. Duquenne, M. Everaerts, P. Lambot     Created: 2003    Resp: M. Eveaerts  
      Status: PRIVATE    
hBG03 is a hybrid geoid model for Belgium computed by fitting 3735 GPS/levelling points with the BG03 gravimetric solution. The fitting method is based on kriging with outlier detection in GPS/levelling data. Therefore the hBG03 model represents the altimetric conversion between orthometric heights in TAW vertical datum and ellipsoidal heights in ETRF89 datum (GRS80 reference ellipsoid). The estimated accuracy of this model is about 2 cm.

H. Duquenne, M. Everaerts, P. Lambot (2005). Merging a gravimetric model of the geoid with GPS/levelling data: an example in Belgium. In: C. Jekeli, L. Bastos, J. Fernandes (eds.), Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions, IAG Symposia Series, vol. 129, pp. 131-136, Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/3-540-26932-0_23

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